More Love
with special guest Luis Bautista

Luis Bautista. 

I’m fighting the temptation to end this post with that - period.  Once you’ve heard Luis’ incredible story, told in his hypnotic voice, you’ll understand. 

In all honesty, in my 45 years I’ve yet to meet another person like him. We want to introduce him as a Shaman, an Elder, and a Healer. When he softly shakes his head no, and tells us, “We don’t use words to describe ourselves that way. That’s ego,” I realize this is the unfamiliar feeling I’m picking up on; his lack of ego. This is such a foreign feeling, for when do we ever meet people successful in slaying their ego-beast? By the way, all the above words do in fact, describe Luis’ nature if not his actual way of life.  Oh, and THE reason we thought we were having him on the show, to discuss his More Love Foundation, was just the beginning. Boy, did we have a surprise in store for us! That ended up being just a tiny (yet huge) part of the interview. 

How to Handle Conflict with Grace 
with special guest Kira McKeown

Tiffanie and I attended an amazing conference this weekend. One of the speakers, Anita Moorjani, echoed a Wayne Dyer sentiment: “If you squeeze an orange, you get orange juice… not apple, not grape…orange. If you want to know what’s inside a person, just squeeze.” I couldn’t agree more. My husband says he can always tell when I’m stressed out or feeling “squeezed.” It seems I get grumpy and messy… yeah, right! I always “humph” or bark back some snarky remark but secretly, I know he’s picked up on the signs before I’ve had the chance. 

From Ordinary to Extraordinary
As I sit down to write this post, intended as a recap of show #2, I can’t help but think of the scene in the movie, “Thelma and Louise,” you know the one, where they hold hands as they drive off the cliff. That’s us.  Joy Ride Show is our beautiful, adventurous cliff (or is it the car… hmm, I’m not sure).

Woo hoo! We're so excited to launch our new adventure with you. Thank you for coming along with us on a Joy Ride.

So the first air date was delayed unexpectedly. But we're on-air this Friday 5/6/2016 at 6PM Central. 

There will be several re-broadcasts over the weekend - Saturday at 6am, 12noon and 7pm and Sunday at 7am, 2pm, and 4pm.