More Love
with special guest Luis Bautista

Luis Bautista. 

I’m fighting the temptation to end this post with that - period.  Once you’ve heard Luis’ incredible story, told in his hypnotic voice, you’ll understand. 

In all honesty, in my 45 years I’ve yet to meet another person like him. We want to introduce him as a Shaman, an Elder, and a Healer. When he softly shakes his head no, and tells us, “We don’t use words to describe ourselves that way. That’s ego,” I realize this is the unfamiliar feeling I’m picking up on; his lack of ego. This is such a foreign feeling, for when do we ever meet people successful in slaying their ego-beast? By the way, all the above words do in fact, describe Luis’ nature if not his actual way of life.  Oh, and THE reason we thought we were having him on the show, to discuss his More Love Foundation, was just the beginning. Boy, did we have a surprise in store for us! That ended up being just a tiny (yet huge) part of the interview. 

Luis has a beautiful way of intertwining his rich history, amazing story and the spirit work he is currently living. I don’t want to give too much away, but I will tease you with a few bites: He tells us about his mother, Pancho Villa, assisting the crossing of his best friend to the other side, an eye-popping story that led to his epiphany, and so much more. One idea I found particularly intriguing was a metaphysical/spiritual experience he had which led him to the realization that he needed to learn to ground himself.

 Luis tells us why it’s so important to stay grounded and gives us a beautiful meditation exercise to help us do so. 

After some thought, I realized how so many of us stop with the mind blowing experience, but he uses his experience to teach others how to reach theirs. This interview seems so simple, yet is packed with so much incredible information. I found myself thinking about our conversation, days later. Wax on…. Wax off. 

For more of Luis’ story and to learn about his More Love Foundation, please visit his website.



Hearing this man's voice was amazing. It's very distinct and soothing. His voice was just a bonus to the wisdom. This man is extraordinary, he sounds like he has lived a thousand years. Despite that, he is unbelievably very humble. I love people like Luis Bautista. He kind of reminds me of my grandfather. My grandfather was always relaxed, and he knew exactly what to say. You did a great job of getting a speaker as amazing as this man.

10/06/2016 7:46am

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