We are learning so much from our weekly guests! We’ve learned how to connect our heart and third eye using only our breath. We’ve learned how to quiet our minds in the midst of chaos. How about Dr. Jennifer’s incredible use of the Law of Attraction? (Speaking of, she’s currently traveling in the Far East somewhere?!)

I think we each hear what we are meant to hear, and the message shows up at just the right moment.

The Art of Reinvention
With special guest: Sandi Rose Miller

Show airs on www.radiobrave.com: Wednesday June 8, 2016 at 9AM (Central)
Thursday June 9, 2016 at 8PM (Central)  and  Sunday, June 12 at 2PM (Central) 

This week’s guest, Sandi Rose Miller is best described (by me) as the Queen of Marketing and Reinvention…. aka Metaphysical Madonna!

Sandi has this gift of seeing when the flow of energy in and around things stagnates or moves with ease. She walks us through her journey beginning with her stint on the pageant circuit (she was in the Miss America Pageant as Miss Oregon) and then on to her time as a  national campaign winning Breck Girl (video below).

I love seeing how her story has threads that weave in and out, providing a continuity that ties it all together. Energy is the common denominator. She wrote a user friendly Feng Shui book,  has an incredible business that transforms people from the inside out, True You Makeovers; and created the program Enlighten Up! A Women’s Playshop using humor and fun to help women blossom.

I do want to talk about an issue Sandi so aptly put her beautiful voice to. The issue of beauty and aging in our American society; our desperate attempts to look younger at the expense of devaluing who we really are. Sandi’s take on this subject is profound when you consider her background in the beauty industry. I love that life after 40 can look amazingly vibrant and elegant! 
Links to some of the cool things we mention on show:
  • Breck Girl Contest - Video of Sandi and Tiffanie winning in 1995
  • Grace and Frankie - Netflix Original Series Starring Jane Fonda & Lily Tomlin
  • Advanced Style Documentary - fabulous NYC women sharing their wisdom of style
  • Simple Chi Depleter Test - when you look at something how does it feel? If it brings you joy, treasure it. If you don't love it, get rid of it!
  • Pearl of Wisdom - from  Dr. Wayne Dyer  "Loving what you have and being in a continuous state of contentment is the key to having what you want.
  • Homework - Thought check! When you think about what you want, is your thought NOW conducive to your future?
Sandi Rose Miller  After winning Miss Oregon, Sandi was selected to tour with several USO troupes worldwide including Miss America. Soon after, she began a successful broadcast career spanning over four decades as an actress, model, singer and film narrator. In 1995, Sandi won the title of “Breck Girl” and served as a national spokesperson for Dial Corporation’s line of Breck products. A graduate of the prestigious Western School of Feng Shui, Sandi developed a thriving consultation, speaking and coaching practice based on her popular book, "The Art of Living: Feng Shui YOUR Way!"

Following her adventurous nature, Sandi achieved International Tour Director status through ITMI’s rigorous certification program. Her world-wide travels included much of Europe, Canada and the United States. Sandi also pursued a Masters Degree in Spiritual Psychology at the University of Santa Monica. As a licensed Image Consultant, Sandi brought her lifelong vision to reality by developing a unique approach for creating a congruent personalized outer appearance that is in total alignment with one's true inner nature: True You Makeovers. Makeovers from the inside out!  A student of yoga for many years, Sandi teaches weekly yoga classes for a national fitness chain.  

Whether speaking, writing, or working one-on-one with her clients, Sandi combines her skill, talent, humor and warmth to create simple solutions that bring about immediate results. www.sandirosemiller.com



Very creative discuss you share with us that is quite effective please I love to listen radio like old time because the number of famous and very interesting shows are still on air. The number of shows are running on radio where senior doctors are invited and they discuss on different topic trying to solve the little problems of peoples and give them excellent suggestions.

10/17/2016 2:11am

I learned many stuffs as I finish reading this. I am grateful that this is open to the public. SAndy Rose will surely inspire many people and she can be the role model that people may all look at. I will tell this to my parents for them to know this thing and they will surely thank me for doing this


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