Channeling Erik 
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Wednesday July 6, 2016 at 9AM (Central)
Thursday July 7, 2016 at 8PM (Central) 
Sunday, July 10 at 2PM (Central)

Please join us on a remarkable story that began 7 years ago when 20-year old Erik Medhus took his own life, and the Medhus family was thrown into a chasm of grief. But Erik's spirit made himself known and was eager to continue to communicate with his family. Through his mother Elisa's blog, video interviews, and books, the family has taken a radical shift from atheism to believers in life after physical death. The healing and spiritual knowledge that has come forth is nothing short of miraculous! 

JoyRide is so excited for this show, as we've been following the Channeling Erik blog for a few years now. We so enjoyed our time with "Mom" Dr. Elisa Medhus,  Spirit Translator Kim Babcock and Erik Medhus in spirit discussing their story, Erik's perspective on time and space, his willingness to help people all over the world become happier and healthier, and how to contact him personally. 

Thank you to all the fans who sent in questions! We could only get to a few of them, but here are many ways you can connect with Channeling Erik:

  • Channeling Erik  - Dr. Elisa Medhus' blog (start at the beginning!)  
  • YouTube videos - video interviews where Erik brings in famous deceased historical figures, celebrities, aliens, with incredible insights and alternative perspectives.  
  • Tour of Enlightenment - Channeling Erik on the road coming to a town near you.
  • Hour of Enlightenment - Erik's live weekly radio show every Thursday at 8PM Eastern
  • Kim Babcock - Spirit Translator & Reiki practitioner Kim Babcock has been developing in her spirituality since childhood and communicating with the other side for over 6 years. Through her services you will find comfort in reconnecting with deceased loved ones and renewing your own spiritual growth. Tiffanie had a personal reading with Kim and Erik and it was truly a wonderful experience. Highly recommend!
  • Books (links below)


Channeling Erik seems like a very fun and entertaining show. I really appreciate on the list you posted regarding the shows social media personalities. I also found the premise of the show very enjoyable and real to life. I think that I'll tune in for more of their shows. I will try to listen to one of their episodes and figure out if I will subscribe in their channel.


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