Crystal Clear
With special guest: Anna Silver

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Join us for a fascinating talk with Anna Silver, crystal expert and fellow Metaphysical Mom who has immersed herself in all things spiritual and healing. We were so happy to have

Anna on the show. Anna is one of those multi faceted gems (see what I did there?) knowledgeable in a vast array of topics. She is a crystal healer, spiritual teacher, intuitive, psychic tarot & crystal reader, author and artist.  

We had a wonderful lesson in all things crystals. Did you know that crystals are one of natures's perfect examples of sacred geometry? And we also covered a myriad of subjects like crystal readings, grids, tarot, and growing up as an empath. 

Anna brought us a gift...her much anticipated book SONGBYRD. It's her latest metaphysical fiction novel. I’ve read it… it’s one of those books you just can’t put down! It’s been a while since I’ve read fiction….and this one is so worth the wait. GET IT! It’s a fun read. 

Tiffanie and I both felt like we only began the interview as we went into our last segment. There was just so much to explore! Thank you, Anna!

If you'd like to connect with Anna for a crystal coaching or classes, you'll find her at www.sacredvoices.net.  

Or to find out more about her writing, all the details are at www.annasilverauthor.com

Or meet her in person at the lovely Houston metaphysical shop Body Mind & Soul 



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