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JoyRiding through Europe with the Metaphysical Moms

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JoyRiding Through Europe

I want to begin this post by painting you a picture. (I would ask you to close your eyes but that may make it a bit harder to read my words) It's 9:30pm, and we're in Paris. The sun is just dipping below the rooftops and the sky is a fantastic pinkish color. If you look north, 

you can see the twinkling lights of the Eiffel Tower. We've opened all the windows, giving us access to beautiful herbs growing in boxes just outside the kitchen windows. We can hear the faint sound of neighbors laughing and talking just as we are. Husbands are in the kitchen making something that resembles duck while we enjoy a great bottle of local wine. Easy conversation eventually turns to tomorrow's events. What museums would we most like to visit? What restaurants are a must?

And then, the reality ....shattering the fantasy, my eldest son comes crashing through the door with one of his brothers  close behind, both yelling to be heard above the other. Seems someone threw a large stick out the 4th floor window. Not ten seconds pass when the other three (one mine, two Tiff's) join the fracas, all talking a million miles an hour at a decibel that would make the dog howl. And so it goes. 

We explored three countries together...traveling with our besties was incredible! Yes, there are a few more layers added when you have five boys under the age of 12  (with very strong personalities). Yet, it was so incredibly memorable. The exploration, the lack of video games (that was huge), the understanding and sharing that went on between all of our guys. Incredible. 

One of the coolest things for me was traveling with another mother that got it when my kid had a psychic reaction as we cut through a church cemetery. Not only that, her son did, too!! (You'll have to listen in to get the details). I can only imagine how we looked as we did energy healing on our guys!  

Kerry was so in her element in France! It was fun finding out the French things and feelings she loves and bringing them back home.

It was very interesting processing all the different energies that travel brought up for us. Tiffanie would lie on the grass to get close to the gentle land in England. 

Mary King's Close - a maze of underground seventeenth-century alleyways off from the Royal Mile in Edinburgh’s Old Town that shows a glimpse back in time.  There were visual representations the Black Plague and Tiffanie had an interesting reaction! It sure helped us appreciate all the modern conveniences we enjoy and take for granted, and get us out of the bubble of our perception of the world.  

We got to witness our insightful and dynamic children in new ways during this trip. It lead to lots of discussion about Indigo, Crystal, and Rainbow Children, and how to gently parent these sensitive children.  Kerry's list of books to help you understand your sensitive child...

A few photos from the two-week trip through Europe - was just a magical time. We're happy to report that all is well. We traveled through Paris, the French countryside, Edinburgh, London, the south coast of England, and Toronto on the way home. Everyone was lovely; no signs of hostility, fear or disparity. In fact, we met so many helpful, funny, interesting people from all walks of life who are simply busy living their lives in the best way they can. With all the political mud being thrown, polarity on major issues, threats to our safety...we just wanted to weigh in that this big beautiful world has a LOT of LOVE, ADVENTURE and UNITY to offer. Don't let insecurity rob you of your joy!  

Share your adventures...we'd love to hear from you!


Oh, I envy you for having the opportunity to visit Paris! Travelling to Paris is the most important part of my bucket list. But since I am still studying, I don't have the financial support to go there yet. You inspired me to save my allowance from now on so that I can visit there someday. The first place that I will visit in Paris is definitely Eiffel tower!

09/02/2016 10:45pm

Thank you so much for sending us a message. Yes, we are very fortunate, for so many things! Paris was on my (Kerry) bucket list, too! I'm sure you'll get there. I look forward to hearing from you again.

09/05/2016 12:14am

Congrats on your successful road trip. I hope you had a wonderful time roaming around Europe with the people you love. The Eiffel tower is one of the places that I'd like to see in the future. I'd like to visit those places soon. Thanks for the very entertaining post and have a wonderful day.


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