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With Special Guest:  August Vega - CEO/Founder of MALK

MALK. Go ahead, try it out...say the word 'malk' (like mall with a k at the end). Some words are fun to say, and this one sort of rolls around in your mouth, doesn't it!

I (Kerry) found this delicious new drink while perusing the refrigerated section of our local gourmet market. Looking back, I think it was the packaging that caught my eye. It has a simple, groovy air to it. I'd love to tell you I was the sort of woman who flips over to the 

labels before allowing anything to grace my fridge, but that would be a whopper of a lie! It wasn't until I started researching the show, that I realized what an amazing find I'd found! This stuff ROCKS! (Oh, I tried to be THAT woman, reading labels...I just can't figure out how to break them down. For example, the word "monotriglycerides." What does that even mean? Mono (1) Tri (3), three part glyceride. One party glyceride three times?...and what's a GLYCERIDE? Whatever!)
MALK's label is easy. The Pure Almond Milk ingredients are:  Organic Almonds, Himalayan Salt, Filtered Water. Just like you'd make at home (except you don't have to because they've done it for  you!)  Take it from someone who's made homemade almond milk. The sprouting of the nuts, hanging the milk bags, blending then pressing the's a lot of work and it's NOT cheap! And MALK has has a whole line of different types of organic cold-pressed nut milks with more products coming. Contact your local grocery store to get MALK!

Ok, something else we love about our MALK show...the fabulous August Vega (isn't that just the coolest name!) August is the Founder and CEO of MALK. She shares with us her journey from making nut milk in her home's kitchen to having a large facility that makes enough MALK to stock retail shelves in over 30 states across our country. The ingenuity behind the creative process is just magical. August is special. We were honored that she shared her very personal spiritual awakening that helped fuel this endeavor (this spiritual awakening including learned Healing Touch from Mary Sumano).  Let her story be a testament that when you listen to your intuition, you can create something special and live your life with passion and purpose. What idea do you have that is just begging to be born!!? Tune in...this is a good one. 

(Tiffanie had some serious jewelry envy for August's beautiful necklace from Hi Chi!)

It's a family affair! Running the MALK empire with August's brother Justin and their cousin Joel.

Got to give a shout out to August's rockin' hubby Tony Vega! He's a Houston blues legend! Be sure to catch a show next time you're in Houston.

Throw Back!! About 14 years ago, August and Tiffanie at our friend Amy's bachelorette party in Austin! What a great least the parts Tiff remembers!

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09/28/2016 3:00pm

Ladies- Thank you for a wonderful morning visiting with you two. I absolutely love you both. Thank you also for this beautiful tribute to me and my family! And, keep up the amazing work. XO-August

09/28/2016 6:24pm

This was so fun!! I'm inspired by your story. :)

09/29/2016 8:45am

August, It was our pleasure. Join us anytime! We love you.

Malk i getting advertised and I am curious about the taste of it and how it is different from the other brands. I will try this as soon as possible and I am sure that this will be a great experience for all of the customers. I will share this to my friends for them to be notified about it.

Connie Chapman
10/07/2016 1:09pm

Malk is a product I've been wishing for, organic, plant based,
processed to create real food and also available at the grocery store.
August's story is uplifting and encouraging. Her willingness to follow her inner knowledge will inspire everyone who hears of it.
Thank you, Tiffanie and Kerry, for Joyride.

11/02/2016 10:13pm

Thank you so much for your message! You are so so right! I tried making nut milk... it's truly a labor of love (that soon fell by the way at my house). August is an incredible woman. I find it awe inspiring when people take an idea and go "all the way" with it.
Thank you for listening.
Connie, is there anything you'd like to hear more about?


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