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Spiritual Politics!?
With Special Guest:  Bobby Duncan

We depart from our usual subject matter to attempt a 30,000 foot view of the 2016 Presidential Election...or how to view our current political situation from a spiritual perspective. 

Kerry has always been fascinated by politics and news, and Tiffanie..not so much...but we both know it's a hugely important subject which will have deep and long-lasting effects.  We invite our dear friend and show producer Bobby Duncan to weigh in with us as we discuss our opinions on it all. We hope it invites open and honest conversation, and that whatever happens this November, that it guides us to become better versions of ourselves.  
(The little ray of sunshine is Kerry's grand-niece, sweet little JJ!)

Kerry's blog:
“Giant Douche Vs Turd Sandwich”… pretty much sums up the 2016 US election. (How prophetic the South Park writers are… can you believe this show aired in October of 2004!) 

I’ll admit it...I USED to be a news and political junky. Only after unplugging did I realize how addicting the news can be, not to mention the anger it can incite. The media makes a boat load of money drawing us in with the latest “crisis.” Next time you tune in to your local news station, count how many times in ONE hour, you hear the phrase “Breaking News…. stay tuned for the latest…” 

It’s crazy!  I’m tellin’ ya, it’ll fry your adrenal system. Honestly, it’s actually pretty scary when you think about how desensitizing it is. I used to be proactive when it came to the ever prevalent health crisis. A few years ago, the media terrorized us by reporting (predicting) a flu epidemic that was SURE to turn into a PANDEMIC. They followed that news nugget with a report on the scarcity of the flu drug, Tamiflu. I panicked… I had three tiny boys. No way; I wasn’t going to wait around for MY babies to get the flu only to find out the US had totally run out of the life saving drug!  Imagine my elation when I found a Canadian drug company that would sell me enough to ensure the survival of my family! Fast forward 8 years. We’ve all been made aware of the following diseases that surely had Death himself, knocking on our doors. (in no particular order) Just to name a few, for I’m sure there are more: Bird Flu, Swine Flu, H1N1, Zika, ebola.. and I’m sure the list goes on and on. I realized when I didn’t even bat an eyelash when I heard about the Zika virus, that I had truly lost faith in both our CDC AND media outlets. 

What does this have to do with politics and media? Well, let me tell you!

Our media is horrible. It’s awful. It’s based on greed and is COMPLETELY biased. We don’t have reporters that report news… we have people GIVING THEIR OPINIONS!!!! We have people SELLING BY CREATING ADRENALINE INDUCING SOUNDBITES!!!!! Sell those ads people!!!!! EVERYONE knows that if you want real news, you MUST go outside the US. Everyone pretty much cites the same network, The BBC. It’s really embarrassing. The ridiculous garbage that poses as our news is stunningly vapid. (sorry, I just feel that word  sums up my frustration) 

As you can see, I blame the media for our current shit-show. NEVER in our history have we had two horrible candidates to choose from. I OFTEN hear, “Wow, we have to elect a candidate based on who I detest the LEAST?” 

I guess it’s pretty obvious how completely frustrating this is for me… and I’m sure I’m not alone. My goal in doing this show on the election, really wasn’t to add to the collective voice of discontent. (I think that’s loud enough) I wanted us to come up with a way to get way above the drama, and perhaps gain a different perspective, however slight that may be. I wanted us to take a look at how we got here. Not in a literal way (well, maybe touch on that) but in a “how did we attract this?” way. How can we learn from this? How can we talk to one another, without shouting? How can we NOT judge others on their choice in candidates? How can we STOP trying to change the other persons’ mind? How can we have adult, political conversations that don’t devolve into name calling and verbal venom? We can only get things done if we somewhat unite. Maybe that’s too much to ask… I’ll restate that sentiment: We can only make changes when we all stop finger pointing and get down to the business of listening and problem solving. We have a lot of work to do….  it begins with me. It begins with you. 

  • Bobby recommends watching the Frontline documentary The Choice to get an unbiased opinion of the candidates.
  • Kerry loves Jeff Daniel's Newsroom rant.
  • Tiffanie's asking us to LISTEN to each other, go within your own heart, and find solutions together. Start with the Man in the Mirror...YOU!

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10/11/2016 10:29pm

Spiritual knowledge leads everybody to make any new song albums but I click on the audio link which is really amazing. Your show is the best source of give energy, development, and spiritual and I appreciate your work.

11/02/2016 10:03pm

I wish I knew your name so I could reply "properly". Your kind message means a lot to us. Tiffanie and I are really honored that you listen. Take care!

10/19/2016 9:17am

This article is informative yet entertaining. I think that it was written in a very creative manner. I also like the illustration of Giant Douch versus Turd Sandwich on the third picture. Furthermore, it was helpful that you included a podcast in your article. Overall, I think this is a great post and would definitely check out your blog for more updates.

11/02/2016 10:05pm

Thank you for your comment. Funny, South Park aired the "Giant Douche vs Turd Sandwich" show tonight,,, apparently, we aren't the only one's that find humor in all the drama! Take care!


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