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Reduce Stress & Relax with Reiki!
With Special Guest:  
Melanie Harrell - Owner of Grounded Energy

What a show we have for you!!! This week we get to talk all things Reiki with Reiki Master Melanie Harrell.  

Melanie starts us off with a lovely healing light meditation using her beautiful antique Tibetan bowl.  She fills us in on the fascinating 

history of Dr. Usui and how he “rediscovered” the practice of Reiki (Reiki is a Japanese word translated as "Universal Life Energy" and is now used to describe this energy healing technique) and how it eventually found its way to the US. I've always wondered about the different levels of Reiki, and what is learned in each. Melanie easily explains the steps for students interested to learn this modality for themselves or to be of service to others, or to people interested in receiving this healing universal energy in a Reiki session.

Did you know that you can use Reiki to assist with both emotional and physiological healing? Practitioners have used this gentle modality to aid in the healing of animals, children and even plants! A practitioner can use it on themselves, too. Oh, here’s a super interesting fact: Reiki can be sent across time and space; translation: it can be done remotely AND on past and future selves. How cool is that!? 

I (Kerry) decided to take Melanie’s class after hearing her name throughout the community. I've learned so much, I'm ready to take Level II, and Tiffanie is signing up for Level I! We'll keep you posted on our progress.

At Grounded Energy, Melanie offers her clients past life regressions, energy work, Reiki sessions and classes, and transpersonal hypnosis. She's a Houston native who, after many years as a CPA, political activist and stay-at-home mom, has dedicated her life to practicing and teaching the healing arts. She's been a yoga teacher since 1997, trained in hypnosis, Reiki, and advanced energy work and has a master’s degree in transpersonal psychology from Naropa University. (The topic of her master's paper was the Kundalini spiritual awakening process)  The combination of psychological study and metaphysical experience allows her to work with clients in a variety of ways ranging from traditional hypnosis to Reiki to past life regression and shamanic journeys. The focus is always on the individual.

Contact Melanie via her website, or meet her in person at the beautiful Houston metaphysical shop Body Mind & Soul. 

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10/19/2016 10:55am

A very good reading. There will be a new idea for me. Thanks!

11/02/2016 9:54pm

We're glad you enjoyed it! Thank you for your comment!

10/19/2016 9:04pm

Thank you

10/25/2016 2:38am

I like how your blog provided diversity. Moreover, it is helpful that you included various pictures because it helped the readers understand and appreciate it even more. I also like how you included a podcast. I never knew that you are on episode 23 already, and I will definitely check your previous episodes. All in all, I would like to commend you for writing a great blog.

11/02/2016 9:56pm

Thank you! You have no idea how much we appreciate your comments! We'd love to hear more....

10/28/2016 10:11am

Dear Kerry & Tiffanie,
Hello from the other side :)
(Of Houston!)
I appreciate and LOVE The Joyride Show ! Aptly named , I cannot get enough of it and might have to give up fave TV -watching to catch up on ALL episodes of your uplifting podcast. Thank you for creating this wonderful airtime.

I'm fascinated by Reiki and this episode was enlightening and moving .


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