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The Shiny Show with Kari Mena and Alison Allan!

Ohhhh, this is a good one (I know, we always say that)! The beautiful and talented ladies from the Shiny Show join us for an hour of mind blowing, Higher Self probing conversation where we discuss soul contracts, past lives and future endeavors.

With Kari and Alison, we had a buffet of incredible show topics. We ultimately went with talking to our children’s Higher Selves. This was quite a feat considering that we have 11 kids between us! 

For those new to all of this, your higher self is the part of you that still resides in heaven. The “you” that’s reading this is just a teeny-tiny portion of who you really are. Who you really are is a beautiful soul wishing to incarnate here on earth to experience all life has to offer. Your higher self knows every aspect of your past, your present and your future… it knows it ALL.

In speaking to our children’s higher selves, we seek information such as: why did they choose to incarnate with us and their siblings, why did they choose the gifts and struggles they did, what can we do to make their lives better?

The information that came through was astounding. What I learned about each of my boys was so specific and applicable. Tiffanie shed a few tears, as did Kari. (I swore I wouldn't cry…) The insight Alison shared with Tiffanie seemed to sooth her soul. I particularly loved it when Jeff, Tiff’s husband, showed up to usher the boys on to other things. Kari received interesting insight into the why’s and how’s of her twins… one soul sharing two bodies.

See, this is incredible!  Don’t miss it. This is a really interesting show.

Kari Mena, Energy Healer and all around shiny soul who has a lot of questions teamed up with Alison Allan, medium extraordinaire, and they describe themselves as two like-minded people who want to share the experience of the spirit world. And boy, do they ever!!

Their Shiny Shows weekly YouTube videos include  interviews where they bring in famous deceased historical figures, celebrities, aliens, and planets with incredible insights and alternative perspectives. Find all the Shiny Show videos on their YouTube channel.

PictureKari and Alison
Kari Mena is a fellow metaphysical mom, spiritual seeker and energy healer. We first interviewed her a few months ago (where she walked us through her ongoing spiritual awakening to become the spiritual seeker and energy healer she is today) and fell in love with her shiny energy. We've had so much fun hanging out with her and getting to know her!

Alison Allan is an intuitive medium, Extreme empath, channeling medium, author, blogger, artist and explorer of the unknown. She lives in Australia and also channels Erik Medhus for the Erik Medhus Downunda blog).

On her website, you can book your own reading where she can contact your Higher Self to discover your alien background, indigo, crystal, soul origins, soul’s purpose, and past lives influence, and also for psychic readings and guidance with your guides and any family members that come through.

Thank you for making it such a fun shiny show!!



11/09/2016 12:27am

The shiny show with Kari mena will be so wonderful and enjoyable but I didn't watch this show live and now I read article about this. I get strong idea that all visitor enjoyed much after watch this delightful shows with most talent actress.

11/09/2016 11:20am

Amazing show Alison & Kari. You never ever disappoint always amazing and wow us. No matter what you do, your fans /people / lovers will follow you to the moon & back. {all who love you=lovers}

12/17/2016 8:58am

Having both Kari ang Alison in The Shiny Show is a very good idea. They have shared facts and thoughts that are worth absorbing. The topics they presented may sound weird and unusual for many, but if we can think about it, some of it are based on what's real and some are worthy to believe at. Specially, the topics focused on the children higher selves, sure thing mommies should have listened to this!


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