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The Essentials of Essential Oils
With Special Guest: Mayra Powers 

 There was a time, not all that long ago, when people who used essential oils were considered “fringe” or at least outside the mainstream. Imagine my delight when a huge retail home goods store in the US featured bottles of essential oils and diffusers on their most recent mail flyer. This is THE precise moment I realized that possibly some of the alternative ideas we talk about are beginning to “normalize.” Pretty cool, I think!

Confession time: I (Kerry) am not a person that enjoys ANY PART of an instruction manual. On the few occasions I’ve attempted it, I notice that my mind wanders and eventually I nod off.  I’d like to add that it’s not lost on me that almost every person in my orbit, LOVES reading manuals. I’m bewildered by my husbands ability to study instructions (and not fall asleep!) It’s his process. He’s the Yin to my Yang.

I was led to this self reflection by our guest, Mayra Powers. Mayra’s essential oil knowledge runs both deep and wide! She quickly recognized the fact that I had NO idea of the power my 50 or so bottles of essential oils held! Basically, Mayra gave me a personal tutorial on all things oils. Lucky you, you get to listen in! I learned so much from our 1 hour together. Did you know oils can cross the cell membrane AND brain barrier? That’s pretty potent! I didn’t know Frankincense can help with my thyroid! I’m totally giving that one a try! 

Mayra was really successful in the mainstream workforce. She had everything, but balance. As it often does, her body let her know her body/mind/spirit was out of whack, forcing her to address her life choices. Through research, (again with that word!) tenacity and a lot of love, she has created an incredible life for her and her family. You too can benefit from her wealth of knowledge. She’s available for wellness consultations. Sign me up! We hope you love our conversation with the incredible Mayra as much as we do.  Peace and love to you, Kerry 

Mayra Powers is a POWERHOUSE when it comes to Essential Oils, and the dōTERRA brand in particular. (Everyone at the JoyRide Show has been using dōTERRA brand of oils for a few years now, so we can personally attest to their quality of oils and as a company in general).

But like all things new, there's a learning curve to understanding what they are, all the lingo around them, and how to use the oils. But don't let that overwhelm you as we can guarantee that a little effort will pay off BIG time! Mayra is a rep for dōTERRA oils and can walk you though the process of selecting and using your oils. The first step is a wellness consultation with her. 

The purpose of the wellness consultation is to help you determine which essential oils are ideal for you based on your bio-individuality. For those local to Houston, she will complete an Itovi Assessment (using an ITOVI scanner, info about that here), which will quickly help identify which products your body shows a preference for.  Mayra will then review the results and determine the most optimal protocol for you. She also offers long- distance assessments over Skype or Zoom, but those will be performed without the use of the ITOVI. She is offering a 50% discount for wellness consultations for JoyRide Show fans through January 2017  (regular price $50 for a 45 min session, discount price will be $25). And this week only (Nov 21-25, 2016) dōTERRA is having daily buy-one-get-one-free sales! You can reach Mayra through her Website, Twitter @mayrapow, or FaceBook page.

Note from Mayra: For those ready to get started using the oils, I would love to help you learn how to save up to 55% off the highest quality Essential Oils on the market- plus how to use them! Being part of my dōTERRA family comes with tons of support. We have private FB users groups, webinars and various other forms of education. My intention is to empower women to be able to care for their families naturally and that can only happen through knowledge! Best,  Mayra 

Mayra gifted us with a beautiful new oil blend called HOPE (thank you!!). This is a very special oil because it's not just a pretty smell, but is bringing healing and hope to the world! The HOPE oil blend will be available for purchase starting in December for $20 and all proceeds will be donated to O.U.R. through the Healing Hands Foundation. Operation Underground Railroad (O.U.R. Rescue) exists to rescue children from sex trafficking by utilizing some of the world’s experts in extraction operations and anti-child trafficking efforts. O.U.R. Rescue’s Jump Team, consisting of former CIA, Navy SEALs, and Special Ops operatives, lead coordinated identification and extraction efforts to rescue children being trafficked for sex. To ensure perpetuity and sustainability of these extraction efforts, O.U.R. Rescue works with law enforcement in the countries where they rescue children to ensure that everything is done legally and with the support of the local authorities.  The children rescued from these extraction efforts are then rehabilitated by O.U.R. Rescue’s aftercare program, and the perpetrators are arrested, tried, and convicted to ensure that they don’t traffic children again.  See, we told you dōTERRA was an awesome company!



11/22/2016 10:01pm

Excellent program and loced your guest!!

02/10/2017 2:05am

I really think that this product is really an effective one. I am not actually into essential oils before because I don't really like it on my skin actually. But after using it a lot of times, I get really used to it. I think I will try to find this specific brand of essential oil. Please inform us where can we find this. Thank you so much and have a very nice day!

11/23/2016 2:44am

I've learned about essential oils from my mom. Back then I thought that she was just crazy about the scents. Then I discovered that one can use essential oils in a variety of ways. You can use it as perfume, or use it for scented candles. You can even use it for having soothing massages. We can also use essential oils for obtaining balance in both mind and body. It can enliven us and take us on a sensory journey.

01/12/2017 11:58pm

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