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A Mother's Journey from Grief to Grace with Special Guest: Sara Kujawa

Kerry here: I have a theory I’m calling my “Tunnel Theory.” It occurred to me recently that life is made up of a series of tunnels. These tunnels transition us from one phase or impactful event to another. For example, we move from childhood to adulthood via the “teenage tunnel.” Or when two people decide they no longer want to be married, they leave their lives as they know it through the “divorce tunnel.” Many people who have had near death experiences (NDE's) have reported a tunnel leading to a bright, white light. The beauty of the tunnel is we never know where it will lead us, it’s a sort of trust-as-you-go type of thing. The one rule is KEEP GOING. Keep placing one foot in front of the next…  

Getting stuck in the tunnel can create sadness, bitterness, mistrust, anger, or arrested development. We all know people that never seemed to grow up or those who feel battered and shattered by life events. It's sometimes hard to know what to say or do to help them, but we believe that by sharing the stories, it can help you and others find light at the other end of the tunnel, and eventually find the blessings in the experience.

Our sweet friend, Sara Kujawa, agreed to join us and share with us her journey through what we believe is THE most difficult tunnel of losing a child. How do we not only survive the death of a child, but somehow find a sliver of a silver lining? Her 28-year-old son Adam died in a work-related accident almost 3 years ago, and Sara recounts her experience of coming to terms with him now being non-physical. He's helped her all along the way by leaving messages and signs for his family. Sara has been paying attention, and has developed her skills (that we ALL have) to hear and communicate with him, and can now do it for others, too. It's a true love story of how to continue to choose light even when the darkness is all around. Sara is also surrounded by a lovely family and close group of friends (including Kari Mena who joined in the show for moral support). We all learned so much from Sara, and are honored to share her story.

Sara Kujawa is a talented Metaphysical Mama! She offers many different healing services and can be contacted at her website. She is a Reiki Master (Usui, Karuna and Archangel) and also Spiritual Health and Wellness Coach. Sara is also a Spirit Translator and can deliver divine written channeled messages to help you move forward in your life.

We love Shiny Girl Kari Mena and have really enjoyed hanging out with these fun friends. Kari was on the show back in August on Show #13.
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We're metaphysical Ladies Who Lunch! Yummo!

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