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Mediumship + NBA Hall of Famer = GREAT SHOW

We have two superstars on this week's show! Medium Extraordinaire Emanuelle McIntosh and NBA Hall of Famer Moses Malone (in spirit)!!  

In doing this show, we found out that having a recently transitioned (our word for the dying process… we NEVER really “die”) celebrity is a little trickier than we would have expected.  Let me go back to how all this came about:

Tiffanie met Emanuelle “Emma” McIntosh through the Channeling Erik Mediumship group.  Emma lives in Belgium and does her spirit readings via Skype.   Tiffanie had a reading with Emma that ended with her talking directly to her parents (deceased mom and step-dad). She also received information about her children and insight into her own higher self. It’s fascinating!  Emma has this ability to not only talk with the other side, she can actually move over and let them hop into her “Emma Skin Suit” for a first person conversation! To tell you about it is one thing, but to have the personal experience takes it to a whole new level!

We really wanted to share this with the JoyRide listeners, so we asked Emma to be a guest on the show. Originally, we thought the listeners could write in questions for their crossed over loved ones Emma could answer. Then, the night before going into the studio, we came up with the idea of having a “live” reading… this way people could get immediate feedback and the full effect.   

The next issue was figuring out who we could get to join us in the studio on such short notice. Who has lost someone they may want to talk to… “live”…..on a radio/podcast? Who would be open to such an experience?   As Tiff and I discussed this new idea as I drove my son to his football practice. Who should we ask… who should we ask…. Hmmmmm.  Then it hit me… I knew in an instant the moment Leah, a mother of my son’s teammate, walked over to my blanket to join me in watching practice. 

Leah lost her partner of 10 years, the year before. Almost EXACTLY to the day the year before. I wasn’t sure if she’d be ok with talking to a medium, let alone allow us to record the conversation. See, her partner of 10 years is actually the famous NBA basketball player, Moses Malone! (I’m not even into sports and I know who this lovely man is) 

I asked, she responded with an enthusiastic “yes!!!”  The rest is history… sort of. 

The only information Emma needs is a name to connect with. I’d told her NOTHING about him, other than his name. I called her on my way to the studio the morning of the recording. I wanted to make sure she was able to connect with Moses.  Remember, we’d switched the focus from reading questions from emails to a live reading only, the evening before. And she’s 7 hours ahead. Emma’s response was, “Yes, I have Moses here… man, he’s HUGE!” (He’s 6’7!)  We were so excited. Excited for the show and excited to connect Leah with her sweet sweet Moses. 

We taped the show, and it was incredible. Really; tears, laughter, and pretty much every other emotion you can imagine. Such great insights, validations and tender messages. Leah was happy, we were happy, Emma was happy, even Bobby, our producer gave us a big thumbs up! We all knew beyond question that Emma had connected to Moses. 

Then things got a bit tricky.

Seems that when you’re a celebrity, personal information is readily available. If googled, so much info is right there, front and center. Of course this gave Leah reason to question, as it should. The last thing Tiffanie and I ever EVER want to do is try to convince someone of something. This type of thing stands on it’s own; it’s a feeling, it’s your heart that says whether or not it feels right, not your head. That said, if your head doubts, then no amount of convincing should be attempted. 

We decided to not run the show until Leah felt comfortable with her experience. She agreed to another private un-taped reading, and the personal information that came through wasn’t google-able, and she gave us the go-ahead.   Thank you, Leah!

This gave us a chance to learn a bit more about Emma and her process. We learned all about her history and how she overcame tragedy to transform and embrace the gifts that she was given. And they are exceptional! As she explains it to me, you can’t expect “pass codes and car colors.” Although, these things can and sometimes do come through, it’s the spirit’s connection to energy that creates the dialogue. For example, a shared experience, information about a child or parent (strong energy bonds) are what they focus on. She also explained that she doesn’t need last names to make the connection, because they don’t hold a lot of energy. Usually, a lot of thought and emotion goes into deciding a person’s first name. Pretty interesting!

I had a reading with Emma a few weeks ago. I usually don’t do readings; I’ve tried, it just never seems to work out. For example, I had one medium cancel on me 4 times, and another’s transmission fell out of her car right as our appointment was to begin. I was thrilled when my appointment with Emma was a go!   

She is THE REAL DEAL! My great grandmother, great uncle, husband’s grandfather, and my grandfather ALL came in for a chat. Emma opened our session with “I have Jesse here, Harold, and an uncle with a horse.” She told me my grandmother may be crossing soon… her work was through. (that’s why all my grandmother’s people came through). She called my grandmother by name. She’s incredible. 

I think being open is key. That said, a healthy dose skepticism is good, especially when establishing trust in a new relationship. When the information feels right, and feels like love, it’s hard to deny. For me, there’s comfort in knowing everyone is doing well on the other side. A lot of healing goes on when people get to say what they need to say after they’ve passed. Their emotions filtered through ego had dropped away. It’s interesting to think that our departed loved ones need closure, too. 

They are desperate to talk to us. Moses said he was excited we were able to bring them together because he KNEW Leah would never reach out to a medium on her own. Right after the show, Leah told us a story about this very thing. She thought about reaching out to a medium, but just never did it! Moses, however, made sure she was in the right place at the right time!  We hope you enjoy the show. 

Emanuelle McIntosh is an amazing medium, spiritual coach, and a meditation and mindfulness teacher in Belgium.

Doesn't matter where in the world you live...if you have a internet connection, she’s just a Skype call away! Reach her on her webpage or via email. You can also see her in action on Channeling Erik's You Tube videos where she channels Nostradamus! Thank you, Emma!

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