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Using the Law of Attraction for a Fantastic 2017!
2017, how in the world are we already here!? I feel like we should be somewhere back in late July, not saying hello to 2017! Does anyone else feel like time is really speeding up (or is this what happens when 50 starts staring you down)? Anyway you frame it, the new year is here and we get to refocus what it is we really want in the new year.

I’ve never liked making New Year’s resolutions; they make me feel bad. Let’s face it, if I really wanted to loose those few  extra pounds, eat healthier, stop drinking wine, or meditate more, I’d already have done it, right? So, when friends pass around the pen and paper, I politely decline, feigning disinterest.  Not this year! This year I decided to approach the process from a different angle. Tiffanie suggested we open 2017 with Dr. Jennifer Berry and how to apply The Law of Attraction to make it a great year. What a fabulous idea! (Our first show with Jennifer was all about the physics behind the Law of Attraction)

I got super jazzed after researching the difference between “resolutions” and “Law of Attraction.” I realized that instead of stating what needs to be “fixed” in my world, I’d decide to focus my energies on what New Year’s Eve, 2017 looked like. With great anticipation, (yes ANTICIPATION) I keep imagining what joy and excitement my life has brought to my year of 2017. By backing into my year, I can get a clear picture of what it is I really want.

I often hear both Jennifer and Tiffanie ask, “and what will that FEEL like?” Throughout the show, they make a point to lead us into the concept of how a certain change will make you feel.

For example: Resolution: “I want to exercise every day and eat clean food”… Translation: How will you FEEL when you make choices that facilitate health and vitality?”

Or, “I want 100,000 subscribers to my YouTube account.”… Translation: “How will you FEEL when you know 100,000 people listen to your podcast?”

You really get into the FEELING of your desired result. You then let go of how it’s to happen. Let the Universe take care of the details. Jennifer felt her way into driving the "Unicorn of Cars" that makes her feel amazing! 

Pretty cool!!

Personally, I desire to be filled with excitement and curiosity. I desire the feeling of creativity. Remember that one?

If you’re reading this, I thank you. We thank you for being with us on this JoyRide…
Love, Kerry

To learn more about the Law of Attraction, check out the site for Abraham Hicks. They've spent decades writing books, recording CD's, posting videos, blogs, and touring the world teaching these principles. The LOA is in action whether you know it or not...why not start deliberately creating the life YOU desire! 

Let us know how you want to feel in 2017! We want it for you, too!!

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01/04/2017 3:35am

I agree with your post. I also believe in the law of attraction. I think that if you really believe in something and you claimed it, it will come true. I am happy that I found someone like you who shares that same perception. I will be sharing this post to my friends. God Bless.


Amazing tips you have mentioned in your blog. I am sure remedy will be effective once I would apply them. Millions of thanks for sharing the information through this blog.


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