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A Candid Conversation about Consent with Filmmaker Jessiline Berry.

Sometimes we book JoyRide guests way in advance, and sometimes a person just magically shows up with a serendipitous topic. This week's show is a perfect example. Last week we had Dr. Jennifer Berry on the show, and as we were leaving the studio she mentioned that her sister Jessaline was in town from LA and was interested in talking to us about her latest film project. Seems she'd written a movie script in ONE night... basically unheard of! This got our attention as we love the idea of channeled information or beautiful "downloads." Jennifer told us a little about the script and made the introduction.

We were a little hesitant because the topic of her film A Night to Remember is about consensual sex, more specifically when 'no means no' and what can ultimately be categorized as date rape; and that's not light tea-time conversation! As we always do, we had a phone interview with Jessaline, making sure the show was a good platform for what it is she wanted to share with the world. We were mesmerized by the twists and turns that led ultimately her to create a beautiful script that that explores the ideas around consent and communication.  And, with the startling statistics of sexual assault, we felt it was an important discussion to have, especially with our girls and boys who will one day (hopefully not too soon!) be facing these situations in real time.

Jessaline is a brilliant and beautiful woman that has clearly managed to shape life into what she sees fit. She's worked tirelessly to get where she is.  She graduated from University of Texas with a double degree in Theater and Radio/Television/Film (in only 3 years!). She also holds an MFA from Columbia University’s School of the Arts, where she was an Assistant Teacher of Film History and studied Film Directing.

She now works as a Producer, Writer, Director, Script Consultant and Instructor, and founded FemmeMaker Productions to be a safe space for champions of women in film and television to promote their work.  She's worked on projects ranging in content from experimental and narrative short films to documentary and entertainment television.

Jessaline has always been really solid with her spirituality rooted in mainstream Christianity; I believe she grew up in the Baptist church. I only say this because her path has taken her through some pretty cool metaphysical stops that some (most?) with a strong dogmatic background, would be reluctant to entertain, let alone DISCUSS! In the show, we cover topics such as:  Law of Attraction, (this is where her sister gets a bit teary),  learning about her Twin Flame, her use of chakra clearing (when western medicine just couldn't heal her throat issues), and so much more. 

Please hop in and fasten your seatbelt so we can get on with this amazing JoyRide!

Jessiline's narrative feature film A Night to Remember  is in production! 

Synopsis: Just three hours ago, they were strangers at a party; now Will is stopping Rayna from getting into an Uber so she can spend the night getting into him. The two "could be" lovers go on a moonlit adventure through the streets of LA, falling into mischief and, perhaps, something like love. But by morning’s light, Rayna will know Will all too well. For better. Or for worse.

"We are producing, A Night to Remember, as a way to start a conversation about YES is YES consent. Statistics show that 1 out of 6 women has been a victim of rape, 84% of rape victims knew their attackers, and 84% of men who've been involved in a date rape did not realize that what they did met the legal definition of date rape. A Night to Remember  wants these statics to change, and we hope you will help."  Jessiline Berry

Please visit the site and help support this film. Thank you, Jessiline!

PS...this short video helps explain
consent with a cup of tea! Brilliant!

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01/12/2017 12:36am

Since I'm into media and everything related to it taps my curiosity, I love the fact that you had Jessiline Berry. She has empowered a lot of women in the industry and she inspired young ones who dream to be part of media industry. I love how she discussed her future projects with you. It's never easy to penetrate the movie industry but because there are people who are selfless enough to provide us tips on how to make it in this industry, you wouldn't feel alone.

01/19/2017 8:57pm

You are so right. Jessaline is an inspiration on so many levels. Like you, I was really moved by her openness and her honesty. Thank you for taking the time to let us know your thoughts.
Take care!


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