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New JoyRide Show this week:  A Spiritual Perspective of Special Needs Children with Emanuelle McIntosh.

Emma joins us over the phone from Belgium for a Metaphysical Mom Tea Time to chat about what she’s learned from Spirit about her own autistic girls. She offers advice to help other parents with their own special needs children navigate and enjoy their lives together.

Tiffanie here: When I joined the "special needs" club four years ago (with my youngest son’s diagnosis of FOP), I felt like I’d been thrown head first and unprepared into a deep ocean. As his mom, the feelings of hopelessness and helplessness from not being able to "fix" this situation were intense, and I’ve had to face my lack of control over his condition and it’s progression.  Not choosing to get pulled out into endless overwhelm, I had to learn my own healthy coping skills along the way.

One of the tools was learning about Emotional Freedom Technique/EFT/tapping  (I loved it so much I'm now a practitioner), but my biggest insights have come from my spiritual medium readings connecting with my deceased parents (my mom and step-dad) who have guided me though to calmer shores. Seeing our situation from their perspective has given me such comfort and understanding, that I've been able to relax and be present for what IS, rather than trying to fix it to be different.  They have consistently reassured me that my son's soul chose this as a life lesson, HE is in control of his condition and HE came here to teach US about patience, unconditional love, gratitude, and faith.   They suggest to put all my energy I'd spend on worry into doing fun things together. They tell me to look him in the eyes and smile at him often, let him lead the way, and that however it all turns out, he'll be fine! And I now believe them! It has deepened my spiritual journey into trusting myself and my connection with my own intuition. I'm happy to say that over the last four years, we have mostly great days and he's thriving. I choose to be here with him in the PRESENT, set great intentions, and then hands off the wheel...

So, it's near and dear to my heart to help other parents in similar situations. Now, there's no right or wrong way to do this, and this is just our opinions formed from our journey, but to me it sure feels gentler, more loving and graceful than the alternative.

Emanuelle McIntosh is a spiritual medium in Belgium who runs a mindfulness meditation center with her husband, Gerald. We enjoyed part of Emma's story on JoyRide Show #30, and now we're discussing their beautiful daughters and journey with autism. Since she connects with Spirit every day, Emma has an enlightened perspective on her role as a parent. She offers helpful tips on how to handle tantrums, how to see through their eyes, and how to accept who they are with out limitations. We get her

take on the controversial subject of vaccines effects on developing brains, and how she sees her girls as blessings in every way. Whether you child came into their life with special needs, or somehow acquired them along the way, Emma teaches us that it’s a huge opportunity for quantum growth toward unconditional love. 

We sincerely hope that this perspective helps! If you'd like to connect with Emma and have a private reading, you can reach her on her website, Facebook, or by email. She is also hosting Learn it Live "Erik and Emanuelle - All about Autism" Sun May 21 at 02:00 pm EST where you can interact and ask personal questions in the virtual group setting.
  "Erik and Emanuelle all about autism - Hey guys, as a parent of 2 autistic children myself I understand the personal struggles and difficulties it can bring to a family. Join me together with Erik Medhus in helping you understand the spiritual side of autism and in helping you with answers to the daily challenges you face. I will help you with insights in how to find happiness, balance and peace as a parent with an autistic child and together with Erik we will answer your personal questions regarding autism and your children."

Erik Medhus is becoming a regular on the JoyRide Show! Thank you, Erik! To get his full backstory, checkout JoyRide Show #10. Channeling Erik has published more 'Erik on Autism' on the Channeling Erik site and YouTube page.

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Angie Martindale
01/24/2017 10:25pm

You are speaking to my soul directly with this topic❤Much needed soul food, thank you 🙏🏼

01/25/2017 12:25pm

Hi Angie!! I'm so glad the show found you and resonated! This isn't always an easy subject to talk about or see in a different way, but it's certainly given me more peace viewing like this.Blessings to you and your family! I know you're in the kitchen cooking up something delish!! Thank you for listening :)


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