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New JoyRide Show this week: Transcending Conflict with Special Guest Kira McKeown

Conflict. Most of us go out of our way to avoid it. Can we though? Can we really avoid conflict? I think it’s a pretty safe bet that if you’re reading this, you’ve experienced some sort of personal or business friction… You’re human, right? 

We can view conflict as something to avoid at all costs (and risk being a doormat). Or….(are you ready?) we can pivot our focus and head straight into it, embracing all the lessons that lie right below the surface. As Kira McKeown, author of “Life in the Eye of the Storm: Five Steps to Transcending Conflict” states: “Your beliefs have created this conflict”. So true. Oh, so true. 

Kira uses her many years and training as an attorney to help shed light on an alternative perspective on conflict. She applies her five steps to a fictitious divorcing couple…not sure it gets more personal than that. Love, children, finances; basically, dissolving a world two people created. 

Here’s a thought: how would this world look if we changed the expectation of divorce from one of “War of the Roses” to that of personal responsibility, deep reflection, and ultimately one of peace? What if divorce didn’t have to end in such destruction? What if one party refused to “slug it out”? What if the ultimate goal was the mental and physical health of everyone involved? I’m not well versed in this, but I  have heard some pretty horrific divorce stories. They get so dirty. They get so mean. Ultimately, everyone has to undo all the damage done during the process. What if it didn’t have to go down that way? If you have even ONE relationship, you too can get something from this “seemingly simple” book. It’s not easy work, but the best things seldom are. 

Thank you Kira for joining us again on JoyRide to shine your light in an often dark and unforgiving place. We're so proud of you for all you've accomplished and excited to see where your journey takes you next!

Check out Kira's Facebook Page for "Life in the Eye of the Storm" now available for Kindle on Amazon.

About the book: "Conflict is ever-present for all people. How you handle it determines your quality of life. Depending upon how you address the conflict in your life can determine whether you are happy and fulfilled or frustrated and anxious. Attorney, Kira Morgan McKeown, J.D., presents her e-book to help you create the results you want to purposefully create the life your Heart desires. This e-book, "Life in the Eye of the Storm: Five Steps to Transcending Conflict," is a compilation of legal experience and extensive soul-searching. What Kira learned is that we give our power away when we do battle unconsciously, which gets us stuck in battle patterns of trying to reclaim the power. Consider this e-book a manual on how to consistently find your center so you can reclaim your power and never give it away unconsciously again. This book will get you really looking at yourself and the patterns in your life so you can change them and step more fully into your true power."

Kira McKeown is a lawyer, certified coach, lightworker, and author who has been on a deeply spiritual journey for many years. Her goal is to bring people together to talk about similarities instead of differences so compassion for all can grow. Having a traditional legal background in combination with a spiritual practice has given her an ability to work through logical issues from beyond the five senses.

Kira is available for one-on-one coaching in person or via phone / Skype.  Contact Kira via her Coaching Website to schedule a coaching appointment, or a series of appointments, today.

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