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New JoyRide Show this week: Get Your Om On with the Mediation Queen, Madeline Rinehart

Kerry here:
Meditation…it’s a beast! I’m YEARS into this ‘metaphysical thing,' and I have yet to set a regular, consistent practice. Oh, ALRIGHT...I’ll admit it...I suck at meditation. There, I said it. I keep imagining all the incredible things I could accomplish if I could just get myself to settle into a routine.    

Even my 8 year old seems to have a pretty decent handle on it.  For the past month or so, my youngest son has been waking me up at 5:30am to “meditate”…(or play Go Fish, depending on the day). All I know is if I don’t wake him up, or allow him to drag me out of bed, he’s super grumpy, and I get a tongue wagging…it’s embarrassing.  So if my 8 year old can do it, why can’t I? 

Our friends have this beautiful ability to see our blind spots (God love ‘em). Kira, our other metaphysical mom, was doing exactly that, when she texted, emailed, and left vm’s INSISTING I listen to Madeline Rinehart’s Youtube chakra clearing meditations. (Kira actually threatened me in unthinkable ways in order to get me on board with clearing my own chakras!) 

Ok fine, I fussed. I was waiting in line to pick up my kids from school, I had time. (at least Kira could see I clicked on her link, I thought) Holy Moly! I was hooked! That voice, those crickets, the message. It was beautiful. I heard Madeline’s voice (and THOSE crickets!) reverberating all around my van (yes, I drive a bitchin’ mini van…how else do you haul 6 kids or a California king size bed around?) Her videos were short, only about 10 minutes each. (I’m pretty ADD so I need short) They are so well done! You’ll have to hear it yourself…(you’re welcome!) This is also where I admit something pretty big. About two weeks into listening, I began to see things shift. Seriously, events in my life began picking up speed. Listen in to the show to find out more…

Another really incredible tool Madeline offers is her “Create Your Meditation” page.  You can select a meditation that’s just for you, based on a menu of elements. You choose your music, affirmations (words), and either subliminal (messages) or binaural (wave lengths). It’s AWESOME! If you want to get super fancy, you can have Madeline create a meditation JUST FOR YOU! She tells us a funny story about a guy that hired her to create a personal meditation that included explicit language…(my kind of funny)!

Madeline is not only a creator of incredible meditations (to name only a few: soul linking, cutting energetic cords, finding peace, and healing) but her website is full of interesting information. This sweet soul speaks our language! We could talk Law of Attraction and The Course in Miracles all day long! Below is a sample of just a few of her credentials:

* Certified Law of Attraction Coach; ICF Accredited
* Certified Curious Teacher
* Official YouTube Partner (over 650,000 views)
* Clear Your Stress guest author    

I’m so happy Kira made me click that led me to this beautiful woman. I desperately needed meditation, but just hadn’t found the version that fit me and my ways. BTW, it turns out, that moving meditations are ok (for me this means painting, drawing, gardening). Sitting in lotus position, isn’t for everyone. I’ve been doing MY version and I didn’t realize it because it looked so different from the “norm." I look forward to my time with Madeline. With her light, sweet, and loving guidance, there’s no telling how deep I can go! 

Thanks so much for tuning in! Leave a comment and tell us what kind of meditation works for you!! Until next week....oooooooooommmmmmmm!

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03/15/2017 3:35am

nice show... have you thought about airing your podcast on youtube... check my channel out and you can see how i do it... love the show

03/29/2017 9:51pm

Hello! I'll definitely check out your channel! Funny you should ask about YT... as I type this, our shows are being reformatted and loaded onto our channel. We're branching into video, so look out!
Thank you for stopping in!

04/30/2017 9:47pm

Ryan? ( I hope thats right)
Howdy. Thank you for leaving a comment! I just checked out your youtube channel. I must say, I can't wait to dive into your channel, your stuff looks so interesting.
We are in the process of getting back shows loaded onto Youtube and future shows loaded as videos. We're recording our 3rd show in video format this week!
Again, thank you! We look forward to swapping stories!


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