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We’re calling show #49 “Marconics: The Human Upgrade.” I laugh at this title because it reminds me of all the IOS updates we have to do to keep our software current. To think of “updating” my body to a place of receiving higher energies which allows more of my higher self to integrate is pretty mind blowing. To check out more, click on the links… Oh, and if you you’re liking the show, please subscribe to our Youtube channel or Podcast stream, that would be mighty kind!

If I told you it was possible to uncap your chakras, enabling 51% of your karma to immediately release, would you be interested? What if I told you there was a new healing energy that enabled your Higher Self to further integrate into your physical body... would you THEN be interested? Sounds impossible, huh...well it isn't. I've done it and it's incredible!

Wendy Hutchinson, Founder of Alinea Life Coaching, writer, and energy healer, spends the hour with us, explaining the ins and outs of Marconics Energy Healing. She bravely shares her journey with us... all of it, including her personal journey through the dark night of her soul.

Please join us to learn all about this "new energy" that will redefine energy healing as we know it.

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