Darrel Davenport is one brave fella! As Tiffanie and I (Kerry) state, he's kinda agreed to be our project!

Most of the people we interview are well entrenched on their spiritual paths by the time they find their way to us. Darrel is in the process of making sense of all the incredible experiences he's having. He tells some of these, like seeing an angry ghost (he pulled out a bit too far, into the street blocking the sidewalk). Or the ghost that was attached to a cabinet he picked up on one of his buying trips to Europe.
He's a trooper. As I see it, he's pretty brave, too. This is a confusing time, waking up to the unknown while leaving the life you've created for yourself.

Out with the old. In with the new. Where Darrel Davenport's heading, no one knows!

If you're in Houston, be sure to check out his amazing shop of treasures DLD Imports. You can find him here on FaceBook.

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08/16/2017 1:14pm

Such an interesting person. It was very pleasant to hear an interview with Darrel. I hope you will invite not less entertaining guests in the future!


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