What if we told you this world is full of sleeping vortexes that are just waiting to be awakened? What if we told you it was possible for a human to become a conduit, cycling energy from the ethers to Mama Earth and back again? 

Well, Tiffanie and I can't tell you, but we found someone that can. Heather Lee Huff has accepted the task of awakening sleeping vortexes. It's magical to behold. Needless to say, this is one interesting woman! 

I love the way she describes her ability to draw energy to the earth: "Human Acupuncture Needle"... it's perfect. This process not only calls energy from the heavens, but energy from the earth and root systems of the magnificent trees we live among. There's so much information here. 

Ok, disclaimer time: The technical quality of this show is a little off. We're always trying new things. I'm (Kerry) on the road, and Tiffanie was in the studio. So, please bear with us while we figure out how to maintain the quality while recording from various places.

If you'd like to reach Heather you can contact her thru Facebook. 


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