Answer: The heart is the bridge between the two hemispheres; the intellect (brain, 3D world we live in) and the emotion (the unseen, intangible feelings)

In eastern ideology, the heart is the halfway mark along the chakra path. Lower wheels spin earth energies, helping us live in and ground to the 3D world, while the upper three chakras connect us to the unseen world of Spirit and intuition.

In the western philosophies, the heart is the God Center Think about the Catholic Church's use of the term "sacred heart"

These are just two examples of the use of the heart in this realm.

As you know, the heart supersedes the mind. The mind knows only what the personality has taught it. The heart knows so much more. The heart has a direct link to God (Spirit, Christ Consciousness, the Light.... )

It's important to note (at this point) that interpreting what information the heart is giving you (through feelings and emotions) is the key. The interpreting is often done through the filter of the ego. It's the ego we're trying to put to sleep so we can get what is really being said.

Example of ego and interpretation:

I often talk with my kids about the importance of perspective. The example I use (which seems to work) is about real estate. I tell them about two people that at different times have lived in a particular house. One man is ecstatic to live in a 4,000 square foot house in a nice neighborhood. He feels that he's "made it" and is very proud.

The other man feels like he's taken a wrong turn in life. He HAD five houses, each worth three times what this house costs. He's lost "everything" and now has sunk so low that he lives in this tiny, 4,000 square foot house. It's all perspective.

So, getting back to the importance of the heart and the perspective in which we interpret the information it gives us; hopefully now we can see how important it is to get ANY ego (personality) translation, out of the equation. When we allow God to talk to us through the heart, we shape our world outlook accordingly. In other words, in any culture, the heart shapes our world view.

Information (emotions and feelings) + translation = world view

By: Kerry Walker


Answer:  I need you to visualize something….. close your eyes and try to see an upside down triangle. Next, I want you to draw a horizontal line as close to the tip of the triangle as you can. "You" are the tip. The top, or widest part of the triangle, is your higher self. Your higher self is seeking all expressions of life on this earth. As most of you know, “this earth” is a dimension, a dimension we call the 3-d. There are many, many dimensions above ours. We are the thickest, lowest dimension. 

I love the metaphor Paramahansa Yogananda uses. He compares life to playing a role in a movie. I love Julia Roberts, so I’ll use her as an example. She’s a: prostitute, teacher, FBI agent, wife, mother, etc. At the end of each movie, she returns to being Julia Roberts. Same thing goes for each and every one of us. We are who we are. This go-round, I’m Kerry. What will I accomplish as Kerry? What will I experience as Kerry? What will I learn as Kerry? I’m not Kerry, I’m just playing the part of Kerry so I can get a certain view of life experiences

I’d like to take this one step further. 

Get this, we all come to experience a myriad of personalities. In the end, we have all been the murderer, the murdered, the outcast, the king, the prostitute, the mother, the father, the white guy, the black guy, the gay guy, the leader, the slave, etc…. As we evolve, as we “climb the latter of conciousness” we no longer fear or judge others. We have compassion because… WE’VE BEEN THERE!!!!!!!  We get the bigger picture. 

I imagine sitting at a table with my Guides (spiritual companions, angels, counselors, etc) mapping out my life and what I wish to accomplish. Sort of a Life Contract. “This is what I’d like to accomplish this go-round.” We have freewill. We sometimes get side tracked from our contract. Not a problem, we can always return. I like to call it “the flow”. When you’re in The Flow, life just seems easy, kinda unfolds in a kismet manner. 

We all know those (from 40-60 years old) that seem to have some sort of a life crisis. Illness, death of a partner, job loss, divorce. I believe this is your souls way of attempting a redirect, trying to change course to get you where you are meant to be… where YOU really want to be. Are these hardships or miracles? 

My short answer to your question: Your soul wants to accomplish what it set out to experience this lifetime. Yep, pretty vague answer. Our F&%ked up society tells us we’re all meant to be wealthy and powerful. Funny to think you may have a “successful” life as a homeless, drug addict?!

By: Kerry Walker


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